Tourists to Thailand Satisfied Rather Than Terrified

Majority of Tourists to Thailand Satisfied Not Terrified
Majority of Tourists to Thailand Satisfied Not Terrified

A survey conducted by Assumption University of 532 foreign business owners, investors and tourists from Sept 2-5 has shown that the majority of tourists to Thailand were satisfied, rather than terrified of the ongoing political conflict between the Peoples Alliance for Democracy and Samak Sundaravejs government.

Tourist's Satisfaction
Tourist’s Satisfaction

According to the Abac poll published in the Bangkok Post on September 7, 59 per cent of respondents thought the current political unrest was “not unusual and just part of the democratic process.

The poll asked foreigners in Thailand to evaluate their level of satisfaction with various aspects of the country.
On a scale of 10, satisfaction with the political situation was rated at 4.96, while satisfaction with the economy scored 5.91 and social justice rated 5.57.

Friendly people in Thailand
Friendly people in Thailand

Foreigners said they had a high level of satisfaction with Thai people (8.20), Thai food (8.16), Thai culture (8.12) and tourist attractions (7.43).

They said Thailand was a safe place (7.32) and gave the thumbs up to the efficiency of the immigration service (7.25).
More importantly, when asked whether they would visit Thailand again, 97 per cent promised to come back, while 99 per cent said they would also persuade their friends to visit Thailand.

Abac poll director Noppadon Kannikar told the Bangkok Post œin the eyes of foreigners the political turmoil did not spoil the other good aspects of the country
He added, “most foreigners had been exposed to more violent incidents in other countries and believed the political conflict in Thailand would eventually come to a peaceful end.”