Nam Phong National Park

Finished a week full of stress with your job, your relationships and you want to find a peaceful place to erase all of the stress in your self? Nam Phong National park, Thailand would become your ideal place to you. The natural beautiful of plans and animal in the park would make you fell better. There are the top of best place in the Erawan which you should to come.

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Attraction Details

Total area of 197 square kilometers, Nam Phong National Park covers 6 Amphoes in Khon Kaen; Nong Ruea, Ubolratana, Phu Wiang, Bang Fang, Mancha Khiri and Khok Pho Chai and another 2 Amphoes in Chaiyaphum include Ban Thaen and Kaeng Khro where the main headquarter is located by the lake over Ubolratana Dam. This national park is located in the watershed of Chi and Phong Rivers where the deciduous dipterocarp and dry evergreen are the major herbal source in this mountain range.

Viewpoint of the Park

The main viewpoint of the park is Hin Chang Si which is the group of rocks where the wild elephants use for scrating their flanks. This point has a scenic view of the Uboltatana Lake and Khon Kaen City which can be accessed by car, 8 kilometers from Sok tae Reforestation Park. From the headquarter, walking to Hin Chang Si takes around 2 hours and another 30 minutes on foot from Hin Chang Si is Plan Caht viewpoint. Pha Sawan is another viewpoint where visitors can witness beautiful scenery of the lake which takes two-hour walk from the headquarters. Another interesting attraction in the park is Phon Kham, crater-like rock well.

Opening hours: Daily from 6.00-18.00
Contact: Nam Phong National Park 043-248-006 or National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department (Bangkok) 02-562-0760.
Admission fee is 100 bath for adults and 50 bath for children.

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