Na Than Butterfly Garden – An attractive destination in Koh Samui


If you get the opportunity to travel to Koh Samui, don’t miss Nathan Butterfly Garden. Besides stunning beaches with white sand, Koh Samui also houses an amazing garden with many colorful butterflies and insects that won’t disappoint visitors coming there.

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The butterfly section looks like a big open-air garden but it is actually covered with netting, allowing the butterflies to fly freely but never beyond the limited area. Here, the keeper lines the walkway with their favourite food such as sweet bananas and bright-red hibiscus flowers. If you go directly to one of those spots, the lively creatures will approach you within no time. This garden is also a good place to study butterfly host plants where the female butterflies lay their eggs, for example blood flower (red head cotton), Mexican creeper (or coral vine) and marigold. There are a number of exotic flowers around Samui Butterfly Garden including cyrtostachys lakka (lipstick palm), ptychosperma palm, and bird of paradise – all indigenous to the area.

The huge garden is covered with an unobtrusive netting which allows the butterflies to fly freely but never beyond the limited garden enclosure. Here the keeper lines the walkway with the butterfly’s favourite food, such as sweet bananas and bright-red hibiscus flowers, guaranteeing you to see one of the hundreds of butterflies that inhabit the garden.

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Walk slowly along the winding pathway among the tall lush tropical flowers that follows a stream traversing the mountainside to the bottom of the garden, which themselves are worth the trip alone, to spot the colourful butterflies fanning their wings as they sip the nectar.

The butterflies, unafraid of human interaction, are often known to land on the heads and shoulders of some of the visitors. And if you’re lucky enough, they might stay still long enough for you to take a photo up close!

What to see and do

Koh Samui’s Butterfly Garden is a sea of colour featuring many vibrant and interesting flowers and fauna indigenous to Thailand and Koh Samui. Along the garden trail towards the top of the garden, you will also encounter a charming wooden bee house overlooking the rest of the grounds and a man made waterfall that feeds the stream that runs through it.

Further along the trail you’ll soon encounter an insect museum perched at the very top of the garden which displays common and rare insects from Koh Samui, Thailand and other Asian countries such as various kinds of scorpions, spiders, stick insect, leaf insect and grasshopper. Nearby is an exhibit of cocoons and caterpillars. Although left to your own devices in the garden, if the keeper is nearby they’ll enthusiastically explain all the the species to you and answer any questions you have. Here you can also purchase fresh honey made by the very bees you saw moments ago!

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Samui Butterfly Garden also boasts some breathtaking views of the coast from various observation platforms along the garden trail and is situated very close to Samui Tiger Zoo & Aquarium.

Not only is the Butterfly Garden a great chance to take a stroll among some truly beautiful scenery and nature, but it’s also an unbeatable educational experience. Those pretty little creatures you normally only see in summertime back at home suddenly become much more interesting.

And you never know, after your visit to the Butterfly Garden, this may become a brand new butterfly watching hobby for you!

Book your group’s places to the Butterfly Garden through Samuipedia. Never busy, it’s a wonderful, family oriented and underrated attraction that’ll give you plenty of photos and a lovely timeout from the beach.

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