We all heart Bangkok, for the Thai food, cheap massage and awesome shopping. We’ve nailed down 5 restaurants to try at Asiatique so that your calories are not wasted.

We guide you some best places to eat Pad Thai- the most popular dish

If you get a chance to travel to Bangkok, let's call on the Millennium Hilton Hotel and try Teppanyaki ice-cream - a special dish. It is weird trying to visualize someone dropping a melting scoop of ice cream onto a grill.

Acqua restaurant is the best Italian restaurant in Phuket. With the delicious foods andthe beautiful views from Kalim Beach, this restaurant will dispoint you when dinning here.

Having dinner on the river must be an amazing experience that you shouldn't miss. The Aspara River Cruise will take you from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok city and bring you delicious Thai dishes.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel is one of the best hotels in Bangkok. If you travel to Thailand and stay in this desirable hotel, let's have a breakfast at Mandarin Oriental and it won't disappoint you.

Thai food - as exotic as it is - needs no introduction. Nowadays you can find at least one Thai restaurant in most western towns but Thai food in Thailand itself is a whole new experience.
Boat Noodles at Victory Monument, Bangkok

Boat Noodles or Kuay Tiau Rua is one of the most popular dishes to try in Bangkok, recommended by both locals and foreign tourists.
Luk Chup Candy - delicious Thailand dessert

Luk Chup Candy is popular traditional dessert in Thailand cuisine. This dessert is very colorful and is design to look like miniature fruits and vegetables such as bananas, chilies, cherries,…
Jim Jum – Thai Hot Pot

Jim Jum or Thai Hot Pot is popular street food in Thailand especially in the winter. It traditionally made with chicken or pork and fresh herbs such as galangal, sweet basil, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, cooked in a small clay pot on a charcoal stove.

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